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Some Useful Tips about PPC for Effective Marketing

Interested in pay-per-click ad campaigns, but nervous about taking the plunge? This article will give you a good overview of what's involved. It will lay out the benefits and introduce you to the top companies with which you can do PPC marketing. You will also learn what you need to know to make the most of your campaign.

Pay per click marketing, with an estimated turnover of $1.1 billion per year and growing at 13 percent per quarter despite the economic downturn, has become vertically integrated into the Internet marketing arena.

Emerging from the banner ads and click through rankings of the early 2000s, pay per click saw initial innovation when Google introduced AdWords Select in early 2002. Google now controls about 50 percent of the PPC market share, followed by Yahoo at 25 percent. AdWords shows the selected ad near relevant search results, as well as on content and search sites within the Google Network.

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Generate Traffic to Your Site by Posting in Forums - Do-Follow vs. No-Follow

Luckily for you, it is actually very easy to avoid forums which adhere to the “no-follow” attribute. You can find lists of such forums on awebsite such as this one. You can use this list, which seems to be updated frequently, or search for your own using any major search engine.

Once you have found a list of discussion boards that will work for you, you have to choose one or two specific ones that best suit you and your personality. If you would like to make the most of your own knowledge to get the word out there about your business, then you have to choose a discussion board that revolves around a main concept that is in line with your business and/or interests. If you are posting about a topic on which you are knowledgeable and in which you are interested, it is more likely that you will come off as legitimate. The greater the quality of your posts, the more likely people will believe you and follow your links.

Once you have found a forum that supports “do-follow” links and is also related to your area of expertise, you are almost ready to start marketing your own website. I just have one more piece of advice for you: come off well. You can become a respected and well-liked source of information on your topic quite easily if you are respectful and knowledgeable in your posts. However, if you are controversial and rude, it is much more likely that people will come to hate reading your posts. They will not follow your links and your time posting will be completely wasted.

If you have any questions about building links via forum posting, just shoot me a question in the “comments” section below, and I'd be happy to help.

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Search Engine Traffic - Traffic to Your Site by Posting in Forums

A more complicated means of generating traffic for your website is by providing links that help your search engine rankings. Luckily for you, there is very little that you actually need to understand in order to take advantage of this form of traffic generation.

The way it works is that every time you post your link on the Internet, a search engine like Google or Yahoo! will automatically detect your link. Every time the search engine finds that same link in different places across the web, it puts another “tally mark” next to it. This running tally—the number of times your link is found on the Internet—affects how close to the top your link will show up when someone searches for keywords that are relevant to your website. This is the most basic idea behind link building and SEO. In other words, the more times you post your link on the web, the more likely it is that your website will show up in top search engine results.

Another aspect of search engine link detection is that certain search engines can differentiate the different pages of your website based on your links. If you provide links to different pages of your website, the search engines will keep track of each page separately in addition to the website as a whole. In essence, you are getting two tally marks—as opposed to one—every time you post a different link.

If the search engines have a record of each of your specific web pages, it is much more likely that search engine results will be much more relevant to your information. As discussed before, this means that you will get much higher quality traffic, which converts to more sales and more money for your business.

Recently, search engines have begun offering website developers the option to designate certain links as “no-follow.” If you find a forum that has this option enabled, what it means is that you can post as many links as you want in all of your posts and the search engines will never notice. Obviously, this will negatively affect your search engine rankings and traffic generation. What you need to do to avoid this trap is learn the difference between “do-follow” links and “no-follow” links.

Using forum posts to generate traffic to your web site

The modern world of eBusiness has opened up countless opportunities for anyone that has a bit of creativity and a good work ethic. The incredible accessibility of the Internet grants virtually anyone the ability to get online and start his or her own money-making venture. Whether his or her enterprise is a traditional store with a website front, a store run solely on the Internet, or a new type of business that runs on subscriptions or ad revenue, almost everyone has some use for the Internet to bolster his or her business.

The real trick about the Internet’s ability to help a business is that you absolutely must know what you are doing. If you simply put a website online and sit and wait, no one is ever going to find you. There are literally hundreds of millions of websites on the Internet, and your potential customer is not going to just stumble upon yours through luck. Luckily, for the savvy Internet user, there are several key steps to take that will ensure that your customers are flooding into your website, ready to consume your product.

A good place to start looking for traffic to your website is the closest place to it: the Internet. Sure, it is possible to advertise using conventional means (billboards, fliers, commercials, etc.) and get plenty of traffic, but there are key advantages to using the Internet to generate business on the Internet. It is much more likely that someone will take the time to click a link to your website than it is that he or she will write it down while driving past a billboard and type it into his or her computer when he or she gets home.

If you are looking to generate quality traffic on a budget, then there is really no better way to go about doing it than one that will allow you to not spend a dime. One of the best free ways of generating traffic is by posting on online discussion boards, also known as forums. These posts will offer your potential customers the ability to go directly to your website from your posts, as well as find your information on their favorite search engine.

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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Make your wordpress themes search engine optimized

Wordpress software is very much compatible with search engines. Its features and functions guide a search engine through the posts, pages, and categories to help the search engine crawl your site and gather the information it needs to include your site within its database.

Wordpress themes offers many built in search optimization tools also involves the ability to use .htaccess to create apparently static URLs called permalinks, blogrolling, and pinging. Number of third party plugins and hacks which can be used for search engine optimization (SEO).

However, after tweaking Wordpress themes to your likings, you may find yourself dragging in search engine rankings. WordPress isn’t exactly the most SEO application out of the box, either. Below mentioned are some basic guidelines to ensure your WordPress blog is search engine optimized, so check out some great stuff:

Coding statistics

Validate your site’s code whether working properly or not. Errors in your code could create problems in search engine crawling through the site successfully.

Content quality

Search engines generally read a site so the content should be good and meaningful. What "talks" to a search engine are the words, the content, the material in your site that explains, shares, informs, educates, and babbles. Make sure you have quality word content for a search engine to examine and compare with all the parts and pieces to give you a good "score".

Keywords, Links, and Titles Meet Content

Search engines do not evaluate your site on how pretty it is, but they do evaluate the words and put them through a sifter, giving credit to certain words and combinations of words. Words found within your meta tag keywords listings and within your document are compared to words found within your links and titles. The more that match, the better your "score."
Content links, images ratio

Your site may not have much text, mostly photographs and links, but you have places in which to add textual content. Search engines look for alt and title in link and image tags. While these have a bigger purpose of making your site more accessible, having good descriptions and words in these attributes helps provide more content for search engines to digest.

Excellent Navigation Links

A search engine crawls through your site, moving from page to page. Good navigational links to the categories, archives, and various pages on your site will invite a search engine to move gracefully from one page to another, following the connecting links and visiting most of your site.

All above listed factors are important ones and should be checked within your wordpress that they exist or not because absence of one option could make a great difference for search engines to crawl your site. So always keep in mind to make a check.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Define site structure before building a website

When you think about a websites creation, you should try to create a different from other people’s sites. When you decided to make a website, your first step should be determine site structure. Decide pages you want to create and information that you want to provide.

It’s like home making. When you decided to make a home first you analyze others home and then decide the structure of your home. Before making a site you should also done competitor analysis.

Once you're familiar with competitors' sites, you can make sure that your site will not only be different in the right places, such as look and feel and content, but that it will also be comparable in the right places.
But you should make your site different from other’s sites and also trying to make business different.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Search engine marketing company they follow a simple and clearly defined path

Search engine marketing got a new lease of life in 1995 and since then it has just grown to become one of the most powerful medium to drive your online business. The sad part is that for many, this field is still new and unexplored. You can find numerous search engine forums and newsletters posting facts, steps, and tricks surrounding search engine or internet marketing. The most questions of them all are how to look for a famous and dependable search engine marketing company. Though this question may sound cliché but it holds a lot of significance. There are many website marketing companies who employ unethical or black hat SEO techniques to gain high ranking.

It’s Brick Blue, the search engine marketing company in UK that really hits the nail on the head. Being one of the budding Internet marketing companies in the UK, Brick Blue knows how to rank a website in the shortest span. However, they never overrule search engine rules and are complete ethical to what they do. Before beginning with your website marketing campaign, they’ll gather every bit of information required for ranking your website. Their main aim is not just to rank your website but also generate quality traffic.

Acting as a guide, Brick Blue provides internet marketing services in the UK as well as other countries across the globe. This website marketing company is a company that educates, performs work, analyses and solves problems, makes decisions, and promotes ethics. Following the right path Brick Blue simply promotes ethics associated with this field of study. Being a search engine marketing company they follow a simple and clearly defined path so that there are no hiccups. Any search engine marketing company in UK follow a contract stuff, in which various points are clearly stated. You can get desired ranking, if you don’t make changes online. So try to mention or clearly state the changes you are planning to make to their site in your contract. And do this before starting any work. If you haven’t signed a contract of yet, just do it now.

Many website marketing companies offering Internet marketing services in the UK are very particular about certain addition and deletion. Try to mention that the client should not change, add, or delete the new copy and HTML coding for minimum three months while search engine marketing campaign is under progress. If they still do, then you shouldn’t be held responsible for any goof up occurring in the near future. It has been seen that any online change directly affects the search engine rankings of your website. If you simply want to play safe and even cover yourself, don’t forget to mention that you will take no responsibility for the search engine rankings if they change, add, or delete the pages without your knowledge and approval. So, to boost your online business, contact the best and dependable search engine marketing company in UK.

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